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Former Catholic high school employee charged with sexual assault of students

| 7/26/16 | Ivey DeJesus | PennLive | A former employee of a high school in the Altoona‑Johnstown Diocese has been criminally charged with sexually assaulting a student. The Attorney General’s Office on Tuesday released the criminal complaint against John Bowman Thornberry, 28, a former employee of Bishop Carroll Catholic High School in Ebensburg, Cambria County. Thornberry is accused of […]

Editorial: Rep. Rozzi, HB 1947 not going away

| 7/20/16 | DelcoTimes The Archdiocese of Philadelphia is learning that while a key aspect of House Bill 1947 might be going away, its biggest booster is not. State Rep. Mark Rozzi, D-126, of Berks County, the man who authored the controversial language in the bill that would have retroactively extended the window for victims of child sexual abuse that […]

Lawmaker, a clergy abuse victim, protests legislative inaction from cathedral steps

| 6/19/16 | Maria Panaritis | Philadelphia Inquirer Stoking a legislative fight over the civil statute of limitations, the Berks County Democrat pledged to rewrite a pending House bill to include a two-year window in which any adult of any age could sue private institutions and individuals for abuse that occurred when they were children. “For over 50 years, this […]

Abuse victim: Chaput canceled face-to-face meeting after media attention

7/15/16 | Maria Panaritis | Philadelphia Inquirer A onetime “altar boy of the year” who was raped by one of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia’s most notorious abuser priests said Archbishop Charles J. Chaput this week canceled a face-to-face meeting with him because he told the media about it. John Delaney, raped by the Rev. James J. Brzyski when Delaney was […]

Priest sex abuse victim angered by lack of recourse: ‘None of them are registered sex offenders’

6/8/16 | Ivey DeJesus | PennLive \ ‘We have them…’ Shaun Dougherty’s story begins on page 66 of the grand jury report into widespread child sexual abuse in the Altoona-Johnstown Diocese. That page – one of 147 pages in the report detailing accusations against more than 50 religious leaders, priests and teachers – begins the account into the investigation of […]

Voice of clergy abuse survivors takes own life

The attorney for Brian Gergely, who went public about his sexual abuse in 2003, said Mr Gergely’s demons “finally won out.” 7/56/16 | Peter Smith | Pittsburgh Post-Gazette For more than a decade, Brian Gergely spoke out to seek justice, and offer hope, to his fellow survivors of sexual abuse by priests and other trusted adults. He once described his […]

Senate votes to overhaul child sex crime laws, but effort falls short for some victims

“Sen. Robert Teplitz, D,Dauphin, who worked closely with House Rep. Mark Rozzi, D-Berks, to push reform legislation, urged members of the chamber to vote in favor of the bill even as he apologized to past victims of child sex abuse. He called it ‘an important bill.’” | 6/30/16| Ivey DeJesus | | Pennsylvania on Thursday came one step closer to […]

Pennsylvania Senate committee reveals its twisted priorities

| 6/29/16 | Bill White | The Morning Call | Priorities are important, for people and for politicians. Most members of the state Senate Judiciary Committee made their priorities clear Tuesday. They concluded that it was more important to protect the financial resources of the Catholic Church and insurance industry than to offer justice to more victims of child sex […]

Child sex abuse bill passes senate committee

“They got everything they wanted today,” he said. “Not only were they the criminals committing the crimes but they got the right legislation that protects them. At the end of the day, you know, this amendment is ********. They did it to protect the church. Scarnati was the hit man that did it.” | 6/28/16 |Lauren Handley | WTAJ TV| House […]

Former Philadelphia DA Lynne Abraham speaks on HB 1947

“They know they better not have to produce those files,” Salveson said. “You start to expose what is going on and what is hidden, including people who are active predators.” | 6/25/16 | Kathleen E. Carey | Delaware County Daily Times | As a bill that extends the time childhood sexual abuse victims could file a suit against organizations that […]

The Devil Is in the Details: How Insurance and Catholic Lobbyists Are Trying to Help Child Predators and Supportive Institutions Behind the Scenes

| 6/25/16 | Professor Marci A. Hamilton| When it comes to behind-the-scenes chicanery against child sex abuse victims, no one holds a candle to the insurance and Catholic Conference lobbyists and bishops. They have pulled out all the stops against victims’ access to justice, especially when states have considered windows or revival bills that permit survivors with expired statutes of […]

Mike McQueary filing adds a new detail: former PSU lawyer says he told PSU officials to report Sandusky in 2001

” …’it would appear,’ Strokoff wrote in his filing for McQueary, ‘that the university has avoided seeking to discover evidence that might further confirm the plaintiff’s allegation’ of wrongful termination.” | 6/24/16 | Charles Thompson | A Thursday court filing in one of the flurry of civil cases spawned from the Jerry Sandusky child sex abuse scandal contained an […]