How a Catholic sex abuse report in Pennsylvania echoed around the U.S.

PBS News Hour | Dan Cooney & Courtney Norris | 10/19/18 The U.S. Department of Justice is launching an investigation into child sex abuse within Pennsylvania’s Roman Catholic churches, the latest fallout of widespread allegations made public by a grand jury probe this summer, and felt in communities across the U.S. The PBS NewsHour confirmed that Justice Department prosecutors served […]

The Catholic Church owns the Pa. Capitol. Abuse victims saw that Wednesday night.

Philadelphia Inquirer | 10/19/18 |Maria Panaritis HARRISBURG — For three long days inside the Capitol here, as the hopes of clergy-abuse victims hung in the balance, there was anticipation and angst amid the magnificent murals, white marble pillars, gold-leaf-painted arches, and soaring dome inspired by none other than St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome. Victims, lobbyists, lawmakers, and reporters scurried through […]

With Senate gone, calculus over sex abuse bill begins anew

Philadelphia Inquirer | 10/18/18 |Liz Navratil and Angela Couloumbis HARRISBURG — A complicated game of calculus ensued Thursday after the Senate failed during its last voting session to reach any agreement on changes that would allow victims of child sexual abuse to file lawsuits for decades-old damage. Was there still a glimmer of hope, or was the “window” to temporarily […]

Federal authorities launch probe into Pa. Catholic church

Philadelphia Inquirer | 10/18/18 | Angela Couloumbis & Jeremy Roebuck HARRISBURG — U.S. prosecutors have subpoenaed every Roman Catholic diocese in Pennsylvania for a trove of records, opening a potentially unprecedented inquiry into whether decades of clergy sex abuse and the ensuing cover-up constituted any federal crimes. Nearly all of the eight dioceses acknowledged Thursday that they had either received […]

Shame! Pennsylvania Senate Republicans fail victims of priest sex abuse | Editorial

Phila. Inquirer Editorial Board |10/18/18 In a disgraceful act of cowardice, Pennsylvania Senate Republican leaders protected child abusers, their enablers, and a handful of vulnerable GOP candidates on Wednesday, putting powerful interests over the lives of thousands of victims of sex abuse at the hands of Roman Catholic clergy. They effectively killed a bill intended to give victims justice by […]