Pa. legislators abandon bill to extend rights of child sex-abuse victims

| 10/26/16 | Marie Panaritis and Karen Langley | | HARRISBURG – A controversial proposal to extend the civil statute of limitations for child sex-abuse victims appeared to collapse Tuesday, after supporters said the House was unlikely to move an amended version of the bill or reintroduce the original measure. With little chance of its passing, they said, they will […]

Clergy abuse news conference: 3 takeaways

| 9/20/16 | Brandie Kessler| York Daily Record | Days after confirming a statewide grand jury investigation into six Catholic dioceses, including Harrisburg, State Rep. Mark Rozzi stood with survivors of clergy sex abuse in Philadelphia to issue a call to action. Rozzi and others spoke in support of statute of limitations reform that includes a retroactive provision to allow […]

Former Philadelphia DA Lynne Abraham speaks on HB 1947

“They know they better not have to produce those files,” Salveson said. “You start to expose what is going on and what is hidden, including people who are active predators.” | 6/25/16 | Kathleen E. Carey | Delaware County Daily Times | As a bill that extends the time childhood sexual abuse victims could file a suit against organizations that […]

Advocates for child sex abuse victims work to save bill

“John Salveson, founder of the Delaware County-based Foundation to Abolish Child Sex Abuse, said Thursday that move would be more window dressing than substance. ‘Frankly, what it looks like to me is just a fig leaf,’ he said. ‘I think they’re hoping to leave the impression that it’s going to help victims. And it’s not.’” 6/24/16 | Liam Migdail-Smith | […]

FACSA UPDATE: PA Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing on 6/13/16

You, perhaps, have seen some of the many media articles and TV news spots discussing the Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing on HB 1947 yesterday and today. It is hard to put into words, in a short and succinct manner, what went on yesterday. I am going to let Bill White, a reporter for the Allentown Morning Call, do that for […]

BILL WHITE: Statutes of Limitations Hearing

“My feeling is that this body clearly is not qualified to determine whether the courts will find the revival portion of the bill, as it’s called, unconstitutional, so their best course is to decide whether they support the proposed changes as a matter of policy, and vote accordingly. The murky constitutional issue is a matter for the state Supreme Court, […]