Tonight is the Night To Shine

Hot off the email press: The Senate Judiciary Committee will be meeting soon to vote YEA or Nay to HB 1947’s revival section.

There is a good chance they want to gut HB 1947, preventing any survivor of any age from filing a civil suit against their predators and those who hid the crimes, if that survivor is barred by current time limits.

EMAIL/ CALL SENATE JUDICIARY COMMITTEE TONIGHT- It could mean the difference between the law being passed or the law being gutted of any significant power for current adult victims.

POINTS To Emphasis:

  • NO member of the Judiciary Committee, let alone ANY member of the General Assembly, is a constitutional expert on statutes of limitation for child sex abuse.  This is absolutely a matter for the courts decide.
  • We want the Senate Judiciary Committee  to run HB 1947, without STRIPPING Rozzi’s retroactive amendment or ADDING other amendments.  This reform legislation has been vetted in 4 grand jury reports and even Greenleaf noted that the underlying issues are understood and indefensible.
  • TO ALL Senate Members: the SPOTLIGHT is on them and that their constituents and the press are watching every move.
Richard Alloway (717) 787-4651
Lisa Boscola (717) 787-4236
John Eichelberger (717) 787-5490
Lawrence Farnese (717) 787-5662
John Gordner (717) 787-8928
Stewart Greenleaf (717) 787-6599
Arthur Haywood (717) 787-1427
Daylin Leach (717) 787-5544
John Rafferty (717) 787-1398
Guy Reschenthaler (717) 787-5839
John Sabatina (717) 787-9608
Joseph Scarnati (717) 787-7084
Randy Vulakovich (717) 787-6538
Gene Yaw (717) 787-3280


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