FACSA UPDATE: PA Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing on 6/13/16

You, perhaps, have seen some of the many media articles and TV news spots discussing the Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing on HB 1947 yesterday and today. It is hard to put into words, in a short and succinct manner, what went on yesterday. I am going to let Bill White, a reporter for the Allentown Morning Call, do that for me, as I think he captures not only the events but also some of the sub-plots that played out yesterday.

RallyHearingBefore you head over to Bill’s articles (on our News page HERE and HERE), let me say that I was never so proud to stand with such a group of hardened warriors, many, like FACSA President, John Salveson, FACSA VP, Tammy Lerner (who was here with us in spirit and by text and email), expert constitutional expert Marci Hamilton, Art Baselice, Bob Hoatson from Road to Recovery, Sr. Maureen Turlish from Catholic Whistleblowers, Greater Philadelphia VOTF, Mariana Sorenson, former prosecuting attorney/ Philly D.A.’s office,  SNAP Philly and so many others, who have been fighting this war much longer than I. Their spirit and determination to protect children, to fight for the truth to be revealed and for victims of the scourge of child sex abuse to be heard and believed and honored and to be granted some level of justice- they inspire me more than words can say.

SalvesonHamiltonRozziPostHearing061316Additionally, we stand with new friends and allies that have such a heart for those harmed as children or as adults- Rep. Mark Rozzi and his dedicated and super special staff Pam Oddo and Chad Schlanger, Beth Breece, Delilah Rumberg and Kristin Houser from PCAR, Kristen Woolley from Turning Point, Linda Crockett from Safe Church, Jennifer Storm, PA’s Victim Advocate, Chris Anderson from MaleSurvivor, Mark Singel and Angie Armburst, our friends at Winter Group, Anne Buchanan and her staff, our friends from Buchanan Public Relations. (I am sure I missed a few others- please forgive me if I have.)

As we stood, we also represented the many thousands of survivors in PA who do not have the strength or support to stand with us- know we carry you in our hearts everywhere we go.

Thank you all!

Please know the war continues- and we will continue also – as far as the US Supreme Court if necessary, for it is long overdue here in PA to have total elimination of the criminal and civil statutes of limitations for child sex abuse and a look back period/ civil window/ revival which will provide all survivors the opportunity to name, in a court of law, their perps and the institutions, both private and public, that hide those perps for so long.

For John Salveson and Tammy Lerner – Marie Whitehead, FACSA Communications Coordinator

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